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♥ I'd like to think of myself as a very simple type of person, I only need my family and friends and that is about it. The other things life has to offer, such as the material, are nice, but are not the essence of life. As much as I am simple, I am complex. I look at the world with awe and with the desire to learn as much as I can about others and about life. Life has many things to offer us, and it gives us very little time to understand it. So it is with that viewpoint that I try to approach everything that I do. I try to accept what life sends my way, and I try to take a lesson from everything that I have experienced. I believe that every interaction that we have with others is for a reason, and every person we have met will have some sort of impact on our lives. It is our responsibility as humans to learn from each other. As you can see, maybe I read too much into things, or maybe I don't. Regardless, that's me...simple huh?.....*Peace*

What Time Is It?

Friday, January 30, 2009

Things That Start With The Letter "D"

I joined in the fun and got the letter D from My Friend Brandy. Here are a few of my favorite things that start with D.

I love My Dear Sweet Friend Denise. Yes I stole this picture from your blog =)

Having Deep and funny converstaions with my Best Friend. He's the Best.

I love to Dress up but the job I have now I can't do that. My clothes would get very dirty.

Driving around with Friends.

I love How Devoted My Whole Family is to one another.

I like Drinking Water.

I love Kat Von D from L.A. Ink (i know her first name does not start with a D but her last name does.)

I love to Dance.

Delicious Cheesecake.

I love the Daisies Brandy Sent me For My Birthday Last Friday. She's so sweet.

If you wnat to Play let me know & I'll give you a letter.

1 comment:

Sandel said...

You are so sweet, thank you!!!! I owe you, cause I missed your sweet birthday.