.:A Little About Myself:.

♥ I'd like to think of myself as a very simple type of person, I only need my family and friends and that is about it. The other things life has to offer, such as the material, are nice, but are not the essence of life. As much as I am simple, I am complex. I look at the world with awe and with the desire to learn as much as I can about others and about life. Life has many things to offer us, and it gives us very little time to understand it. So it is with that viewpoint that I try to approach everything that I do. I try to accept what life sends my way, and I try to take a lesson from everything that I have experienced. I believe that every interaction that we have with others is for a reason, and every person we have met will have some sort of impact on our lives. It is our responsibility as humans to learn from each other. As you can see, maybe I read too much into things, or maybe I don't. Regardless, that's me...simple huh?.....*Peace*

What Time Is It?

Thursday, January 8, 2009

What I want to do this Year!!!!

2009 is going to be a good year.

Although I'm not in the habit of making resolutions that I'll probably break in a few days or weeks causing me to feel guilty and dumb for having made them in the first place, I do try to start every year off with a few basic ideas or premises of what I'd like to accomplish in the coming year. Not resolutions, because there's no consequence if I don't quite make it, but more an idea of the person I'd like to be in the coming year.

So here they are--a few choice ideas for 2009.

1. Get fit. I know, this is probably the #1 goal of people across the world starting January 1, but this is the year I'm going to finally do it. It's not a weight thing, or a size thing (although if those two things improve you won't see me complaining), but here's my real goal: To be able to run the around the park in nothing but a sports bra and shorts (okay maybe not), and have nothing jiggling that's not supposed to. =)

2. Be a better person. This is probably the most vague one, and I don't even know how I would know if I met this goal, which is why it's not a resolution or even a real goal, but I'm going to try. I want to be a better friend, daughter, sister, and partner to the people I care about, and as long as nobody does anything major to tick me off, I don't see why I can't do this simply by being attentive to what's going on around me. Also, having a positive attitude makes even yucky situations better, so I'm going to keep an eye on myself on that count as well.

3. (and this is the biggie) Lately I've realized that I can cuss like a sailor and give pretty much any inmate a run for their money. The truth is, that sometimes I'm saying them without even realizing it. It has to stop. Really, it's unnecessary and I need to start learning some new words to add flavor to my speech, instead of defaulting to the same old cuss words that every sixth grader is using or laughing at on the playground.


Brandy said...

I think your to do's are all great!! Im pretty good with the language thing, but I could surely work on the first two myself!!
What a good idea! See what kind of good things you can think of when your laying in bed sick!!
Im Proud of you! Good Luck!
And by the way, your better at #2 than you realize! You've always been a great friend and have always been there to listen, and I see it in the way you treat other people! Very Caring!!

Love and Miss You!

Sandel said...

My goodness, I am sooo sorry that you are still sick. I hope that you are feeling better really soon.
Love ya